Prayer List

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Military- Gray Hankins, Travis Noland, Erica Poole

Missionaries-Jonathan & Becky Harris (China) Parker Windle-France
Peggy Gentry

Ann Randall

Ronnie Griffin

Sonny Cameron (John Cameron's uncle)

Charles Abston

Lana Griffin

David Barrentine

Carolyn Spiller

Robert Taylor-son-in-law of Marvin & Carolyn Spiller

Hubert & Joan Winston

Dot Montgomery

Shannon McKinstry

Joe Dorris

Bill McGee

Carl Nelson

Carolyn Hendrix (Friend of Bro. Charlie)

Butch Russell (Ricky & Joyce Williams brother-in-law)

Shirley Powell (James Kimbrell's sister)

Kay Barkley (Friend of Robin) Cancer

David Reynolds (Friend of Joe & Kay Wood)

Conner Beers- (Ricky Williams nephew)

Ellis Tate - Aliceville Manor
Randy Nancy - Aliceville Manor
Nell Holliman - Aliceville Manor
Frances Potts - Aliceville Manor

Helene Griffin-Aliceville Manor

Camellia Kimbrell

Helen Harcrow-Aliceville Manor

Charlotte Owens-Aliceville Manor

Lewis Williams-Aliceville Manor

Rebecca Colvin- Aliceville Manor
Dessie Wilson-Southern Oaks
Eunice Ashcraft - Sansing Home   

Earline Jones-Windsor Home

Evelyn Holliman-Regency Retirement Home

Irene Ezelle-Trinity Personal Care

Kyle Eatman-Alabama Institute for Death & Blind   PO Box 698 Talladega, AL  35161